NEW: Series X Whole Flower Vaporizer

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Enhance your Series X experience with 2 complementary empty flowerstick packs or your first CBD pack!
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(2) Empty Stick Packs
Use your own Flower! Each pack comes with 12 empty cartridges for use with your Omura device.
Oriel Pre-Filled CBD Sticks
1 pack of our 12 prefilled CBD hemp Flowersticks in our most popular strain.
The Omura Series X is a first of its kind whole flower vaporizer. The new Series X has a dual heat source oven inside. The oven uses Heat-not-Burn technology to gently heat the whole flower through a patented heat curve. These components are housed in a slim design by award winning industrial designer Michael Young, offering one of the smallest and technically sophisticated heat-not-burn devices in the market. The device comes with a matching charging base that is designed to be displayed in your home.

Currently unavailable in Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington

May also be availble in your country
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David M.
United States
I recommend this product
Series X vaporizer.

Great...sleek, handy, functional.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Great device

This a great device however still some bugs to fix im in the process of getting my vape replaced

United States United States
Smooth on the throat

It was so smooth on the throat that I wondered if it was working properly or not. It is working even though you may not feel the burn on the throat that you are accustomed to. This is now my preferred way to consume.

United States United States
What I Wanted

I was so happy to find Omura when searching for a less-waste vaping option. So far I'm really pleased with my unit and the empty sticks I ordered. The Series X looks nice on my shelf and is so easy to use. Doesn't get too hot, and charge lasts a long time. Packing the sticks hasn't been too hard, but I always end up getting some grind in my mouth.

United States United States
The Dry Herb Vape You've Been Waiting For!

Tired of wasting time and money on dry herb vaping systems that are more trouble than they are worth or simply don’t work at all? Omura has brought the ease and convenience of liquid vaping to those who enjoy dry herbs, with spectacular results! The Omura X is the only dry herb vape where I feel its effects every time I use it, no matter the setting. I have since retired all of my dry herb vapes and bought additional devices, so I never have to be without them! The game-changing refillable flower sticks allow you to be in control of your experience, while the pre-filled CBD flowersticks feature premium brands renowned for quality. Omura always offers numerous deals, rewards, and sales on flowersticks, so it never feels cost prohibited as I don’t mind paying for the convenience that they bring (no more cleaning dirty vapes). Here’s a pro tip: Keep the setting on low, and you can run your flowerstick an additional time. I have referred this brand to numerous people who all have the same reactions - once you get an Omura, there is no going back. Omura, you have a customer for life!

Kimberly S.
United States United States
Love X even more

I’ve loved Omura as my whole flower hemp solution since my series 1 purchase over a year ago. Series X is even better! I love the low heat setting for routine medical management of chronic health conditions- the whole flower is where it’s at for my ***… And the higher heat setting is fantastic for a set apart recreational sessions. By loading my own perfectly selected flower into empty sticks or using CBD/G dominant prefills I can dial in the ideal experience for any circumstance without burning my lungs or smoking out my family. L O V E my Omura!

Unlock a cleaner experience.

The Omura Series X vaporized 99% of all cannabinoids without burning, charring, or ashing. Tested at SC Labs.

Meet the Flowerstick

Say goodbye to grinding, packing, and cleaning.

100% Whole Flower

No trim or chemicals additives. Only 100% full spectrum hemp flower in every Flowerstick for the purest experience.


All Flowersticks are biodegradable and compostable using our certified rainforest safe paper.

Precision Dose

The pre-filled Flowerstick and timed 3-minute session gives you a controlled lift you can rely on.

Designed to showcase.

The Series X includes a sleek USBC charging base created for ease of use and accessibility, anywhere inside your home.